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Lexie Jiang

Full Stack Web Developer

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After graduating with a degree in Business and Literature, I worked as a marketing specialist in the tech world. During that time, I used website templates that didn't allow for much unique functionality. I discovered a passion for building websites and switched my career path to attack more creative and innovative tasks that come with full stack development. I look forward to working alongside industry professionals who will encourage me to further my knowledge and incorporate my uniqueness into my code. I hope to weave in my penchant for arts and literature with my coding career.


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Medical Cabinet - January 2020

  • App Description: Med Cabinet has one goal in mind: giving long-time prescription medicine users suggestions of strains of marijuana that better suits their ailments.
  • What I Learned: Another project that really allowed me to enhance inter-team communication. I learned a lot when it came to team work.
  • Technical Stack: React, Redux, Redux Thunk, Jest, Axios, Bootstrap, Formik, GSAP, styled-components and yup.
  • Codebase

    project name

    Dad Jokes - December 2019

  • App Description: This is a site/app that allows users to input their own dad jokes and browse through random jokes that are set to a timer to show the punchline.
  • What I Learned: One of the most difficult and eye-opening experiences I have had at Lambda. This was the first project I had that required a lot of communication, dealing with so much conflict. I was working on the React log-in and sign-up forms and linking it up with the landing page. I ended up having to assist the React 2 in his duties as one of our team mates decided to not help and not communicate at all. It was a great chance for me to look ahead at the code that I was to learn in the future of my Lambda career.
  • Technical Stack: React, Formik, Material UI, React Dom, React Router, SASS, styled-components and Yup.
  • Codebase

    Work Experience

    Team Lead - Lambda School (May 2020 - Present)

    • Led a team of 9 students that emulates a real work environment using the agile methodology.
    • Delivered one-on-one feedback and code review on a daily basis.
    • Mentored 9 students on how to learn effectively and solve programming problems.
    • Reviewed student code and giving feedback on areas of improvement.
    • Provided daily feedback and issue resolution of all curriculum through slack help channel or code review.
    • Led daily standup meetings to build camaraderie, facilitate sharing of ideas and work progress and provide guidance for that week’s study material.

    Business Development Specialist - Opticis (Jan 2018 - Feb 2019)

    • Worked closely with sales and marketing team to identify healthy leads.
    • Met with clientele and demonstrated the value of Opticis' cutting-edge products and service.
    • Coordinated all trade show planning (booth design, shipping and handling, client meetings, marketing materials for such trade shows) for NAB, InfoComm, NAB New York.
    • Created advertisements with Adobe Creative Cloud apps (i.e. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop) in numerous publications (i.e. AV Technology, Sound and Video Contractor, NAB Daily Show, etc.) throughout the year.
    • Created marketing reports based on thorough analysis of market trends and competitor pricing.
    • Compiled detailed research reports into ongoing projects that need AV products.
    • Did SNS marketing and utilized many programs (MailChimp, SurveyMonkey, etc.) for email marketing to existing and potential customers.
    • Managed warehouse inventory and handled direct shipments to and from customers.
    • Utilized QuickBooks for creating quotes, purchase orders, invoices, etc.

    Social Media Marketing & Product Development - (Jan 2016 - Apr 2016)

    • Handled post creations through Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.
    • Utilized Google analytics, Facebook insights, and other programs to discover our reach and further develop strategies to gain more consumers and fans.
    • Determined course of action for designing merchandise and services to offer customers.